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 We’ve received some great customer feedback.  Here is one of our favorites from a dealer’s service co-ordinator:  “I Just want to say thank you very much for your assistance on going out to clients house with my tech and servicing the client.  It is greatly appreciated that we can get such great support from you. Thank you !”

Read the testimonials below to hear what our happy customers have to say.  Have a success story of your own? Please let us know! info@lifemed.ca

Blake Medical Geo Matrix Gel:

“Easily modifiable to meet your specific needs. Very unique! Provides pressure relief with comfort. Will meet the high needs of those with long lasting pressure issues. Meets a real need in the industry.

Good pressure distribution, easy maintenance, customization possible depending on combination of different layers.

Significant comfort improvement with the client I trialed it with.

Hypoallergenic and washable.

Able to increase sitting tolerance for a client with significant bony prominences.

Self regulated pressure relief, there is no need to calibrate (air) or knead (gel). Extremely effective vibration control.

Ability/adaptability to modify for changes in size and weight, easy to clean, will not hold odour.

There does not appear to be another product on the market that has the capabilities of pressure relief without risk of high maintenance issues.”


blake medical geo-matrix vs. air cusion


Blake Medical