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New BodiTrak Smart Fabric Sensors open a whole new way for people to interact with their world. With BodiTrak surfaces become intelligent and comfort a reality. No more one size fits all, but solutions that really adapt to the person, increasing productivity, comfort and health.

BodiTrak is a combination of an elastic, breathable pressure mapping sensor that is very easy to use and is also conveniently designed to make integration into surfaces practical and affordable

EASY TO SET UP. It’s incredible how easy and intuitive BodiTrak is to use. Quickly Scan or record client pressure mapping data easily into one file over time or take advantage of the BodiTrak Seating Protocol Wizard that helps guide you through the use of BodiTrak as part of a seating evaluation.

EASY TO SHARE. Add a tablet computer to BodiTrak and you have a lightweight, portable system. It’s easy to review, select and compile a report you can share with others as color print, Word document of PDF.

EASY TO FIND HELP. A person who knows how to help and solve your problem. You also get free software upgrades to help you take advantage of the lates BodiTrak technology. Each BodiTrak system arrives complete with software, electronics, SoftFlex sensing mats (our thinnest, most flexible and durable mats) and a calibration kit so you can start fast and stay up to date.


BodiTrak Beds Sense Your Patient’s Body Pressures and Intelligently Adjust

BodiTrak Smart beds give the caregiver a new tool to manage and monitor their client’s skin integrity. Our Pressure Aware stretch fabric sensor provides vital pressure distribution information as part of BodiTrak Smart beds. BodiTrak compliments the nursing protocol for skin care by first adapting the surface to best distribute the patients interface pressures and then providing real-time pressure monitoring of patients position, current pressure and based in part on the Reswick Rogers curve, the cumulative tissue loading on the patient up to that point in time.