Shoprider 778EL Cobra 3/4 Wheel Scooter

Shoprider 778EL Cobra 3/4 Wheel Scooter

Shoprider Cobra Mobility Scooter

Shoprider’s Cobra is a mid-sized mobility scooter that is part of our classic line of scooters, with the perfect blend of style & performance. The unique design offers the stability of a 4-wheel mobility scooter with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel mobility scooter. 

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The 778EL Cobra from Shoprider has a 43″ Turning Radius for indoor use & sidewalks.  It’s perfect for drivers who live in apartments & condos with elevators.  If you live down town, the Cobra is a great choice for you!  778EL has 3-wheel turning ability with 4-wheel stability.  Plus Eclipse has added an electric height adjustable seat for easy transfers & better line of site.



  • Shoprider 3/4 wheel scooter

  • C-type delta tiller

  • Electric seat lift and full light package

  • 36AH batteries with 5A charger

  • 4-wheel stability with 3-wheel manoeuvrability

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