Serenity Aliyah Lift

Serenity Aliyah Lift

ALIYAH Vertical Platform Lift

One Floor Lift 8ft and 9ft Ceilings

Features and Benefits

  • Indoor or Outdoor Application
  • Two Standard Platform Sizes With Enclosure
  • Completely Battery Operated (Will Work During Power Outages at least 20 cycles)
  •  Easy To Install In Two Days (Comes in Transportable Sections)
  • Affordably Priced (Competes with curved stair)
  • Fits Within The Budget Of Funding Agencies
  • Reusable, Recyclable
  • Grows with customers’ change of medical condition. (Simply change size of platform and ceiling cut-out, buy only platform.)

This video demonstrates a safe and easy ride on the Aliyah from Serenity Health Care Products.



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