Safety Bath Walk-In Tubs

Safety Bath Walk-In Tubs

Safety Walk-In Bathtubs & Step in Tubs

High Quality

Only the best quality materials and construction methods are used. Our tubs are made of acrylic, reinforced with fibreglass, and built on a stainless steel frame.

High Flow Tap

Our High Flow Tap is designed to produce a flow rate of 14gpm. This allows your Walk-In-Tub to fill in under 4 minutes. The 2″ Quick Drain allows the tub to drain in 90 seconds or less.

Aluminum Door

We use an aluminum door system to ensure a tight, reliable seal that is guaranteed for life.

3 models to choose from here:

 Step in Tubs

Secure Your Bathtub with a Conversion Kit from Safety Bath

Sometimes, making the necessary renovations to make your bathtub more accessible may be out of your reach. Maybe you’re renting and can’t make any drastic changes to your house, or maybe you’ve recently renovated and don’t want to cause any more disruptions. Whatever the case may be, you can still have a secure walk in tub without making any invasive changes to your bathroom with a conversion kit from Safety Bath.

Safety Bath is the premier provider of safe bathtub additions, extensions and accessories. Our line of safety conversion kits allow you to make your tub more accessible no matter the layout of your bathroom. Don’t let renovations prevent you from getting the safe bathtub you need—here is some more information about our conversion kits and how they can be easily incorporated into your home.

Door Insert Kit

Our door insert kit can change your conventional bathtub into a walk-in tub without making any renovations to your walls or plumbing. This addition is available with both right hand and left hand doors for your convenience and ease of use. Our technicians can easily install this door insert quickly and with minimal disruption to your life.

Step-Thru Shower Kit

This safety accessory uses the frame of the door insert to create an easy step-through walk in shower. Rather than fumble and potentially fall over the side of a bathtub wall, this secure insert allows you to step right into the shower without any hassle.

Custom Safety Seat / Transfer Bench

Our custom safety seat fits into the edge of your bathtub, allowing you to sit down while inside the tub for a more secure soak. This bench can sustain up to 250 lbs and can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

Don’t let the risk of a slip-and-fall stop you from enjoying our bathtub. With the walk in baths and accessories from Safety Bath, you can take a relaxing soak without worrying about any accidents. Our conversion kits are a great and easy way to make your tub more accessible no matter what your bathroom setup is. For more information about our conversion kits and other products, contact us today at Safety Bath.


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