Safety Bath Accessible Barrier-Free Showers for Wheelchairs and Commodes

Safety Bath Accessible Barrier-Free Showers for Wheelchairs and Commodes

Get the Most Out of Your Shower

In the past, many people settled for taking baths to get themselves clean rather than risking a fall in the shower. While a nice warm bath is great on occasion, but taking multiple baths a day can waste a significant amount of water, harming the environment and increasing your utility bill. Showers are also better at giving you the deep clean your body needs. With the step-in bathtubs with shower surrounds from Safety Bath, you can get the comfort and security of a bath with the convenience of a shower. Our mobile shower head and walk-in bathtub allows you to sit down and get the full body clean you need without having to draw a full bath. Get an environmentally-conscious, easy and secure shower experience with a walk-in bathtub and shower surround from Safety Bath.

Taking your daily shower doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the walk-in bathtubs and shower accessories from Safety Bath, you can turn your bathroom into a comfortable and risk-free space. For more information about our bathroom safety products and to order your walk-in bathtub, contact us today.

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Secure Your Shower with Safety Bath

For seniors and anyone with mobility issues, getting in and out of the shower can be a danger. Shower slip-and-falls can cause muscle tears, fractures, joint pain, and broken bones. They can also cause disruptions and complications to your already existing health conditions.

That’s why Safety Bath has developed secure shower features and shower surrounds so you can bathe in complete comfort. There’s nothing like taking a hot shower first thing in the morning on a cold winter day. With the secure products from Safety Bath, you don’t have to sacrifice those simple pleasures for your protection. Our walk-in bathtubs with shower surrounds are the perfect way to enjoy bathing the way you want without risk of injury. For more information about the accessible bathing products available from Safety Bath, contact us today.


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