Eclipse Spyder Heavy Duty Power Chair

Eclipse Spyder Heavy Duty Power Chair


This Eclipse P327 XL Power Chair is called Spyder XL for a reason.  This heavy duty power chair climbs like a spider!  Curb Cuts?  No problemo. Ramps?  Ya we gotcha’.  Spyder XL has the ability to climb 8 degrees (14%) at an affordable price, which makes it one of the best selling heavy duty power chairs on the market.

This Spyder XL from Eclipse Medical is affordable, rugged, and versatile! Plus there’s a new Spyder XL-R with 400 lbs weight capacity & Heavy Duty 4-Post rehab seat option.

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 So If you like getting out & you need a 400 lbs. weight capacity, we get ya’! Check out the Spyder XL & if your seating becomes a priority, no worries, because we can add a rehab seat for you.  

$5,995.00 MSRP

Stay in the chair you LOVE!  Let us build what you need, & don’t let anyone tell you that you need to sell your Spyder XL just because you need a specialty back & cushion.  If you need a smaller 300 lbs capacity Spyder with swivel seat for easy transfers, just ask. Download these important Spyder & Spyder XL manuals & buy it here:

Eclipse Brochure 2018

Eclipse P326A_brochure

P326A Manual

P326AR Spec Sheet

P327 manual

P327 Spec Sheet

P327R Spec Sheet

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