Cheelcare Companion Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs

Cheelcare Companion Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs

This unique mobility solution from Cheelcare is a powered add-on for both rigid and folding manual wheelchairs.

The Companion

Exceed your reach with our innovative electric powered add-on.


  • Lightweight – less than 10 kgs – Ideal portable solution for car, sea and air travel

  • Outstanding maneuverability – Turns in place and easily steers through narrow spaces

  • Sleek Compact design based on 8” wheel

  • Unique Quick-Release connect and disconnect mechanism – convert your manual chair into a powerchair in less than 10 seconds!

  • Smooth, powerful and fast – 3 speeds – comfortable ride on any occasion and place

  • Long range – 25 kms and fast 3-hour charge

  • Safe – Amazingly stable, safe and secure. Powerful drum brakes.

  • Connect to most RIGID and FOLDING manual wheelchairs, both adult and pediatric. Endless adjustment options.

  • Highly customizable, make it look Yours! (shown in front wrapping options)

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