Blake Rhythm Multi Low Air Loss Mattress

Blake Rhythm Multi Low Air Loss Mattress

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The Rhythm Multi is a unique & innovative mattress. It uses true low air loss technology with a high flow rate that provides pressure management for the treatment of pressure ulcers.  The advanced 3:1 alternating function provides active prevention for pressure relief, especially for those in acute care and long term care settings (the cells inflate and deflate in a 3:1 cycle, meaning 2/3rds of the body is always
supported at any one time).  If the patient can’t tolerate alternation, then pulsation is the third therapy. Pulsation is a more gentle means of increasing blood flow through the entire body.  The Rhythm Multi also offers a manual Happy Heel section that decreases pressure under the heels.  Wicking away moisture is very important when managing wounds.  The Rhythm Multi wicks away 1.5 Liters of moisture every 24 hours. Learn more here:


Product Specifications:



Weight Capacity

600lbs / 1000lbs


Healing stage I – I V

Standard Sizes

36″ W x 80″ L x 10″ H, 48″ W x 80″ L x 10″ H

Custom Sizes

Available upon request

Safety Bolsters:



2 Year


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