Shoprider 778S Voyager Scooter

Shoprider 778S Voyager Scooter

Do you remember riding a motorcycle or bike?  Yes?  Well then, you will love the maneuverability of the Voyager 3-wheel scooter from Shoprider.  Eclipse believes that some clients do have the ability to corner safely with a 3 wheel scooter.  Plus, if you are long legged, the 778S will give you the leg room you need.  Tight turning Radius with smooth suspension & 8 km/hour speed, makes this a great choice for active drivers in the city.


Shoprider 778S Voyager 3-Wheel Mid-size scooter

Shoprider’s Voyager 778S is part of our classic line of scooters with the perfect blend of style and performance. 3-Wheel scooters offer tighter turning radius than 4-wheel scooters, for drivers who are able to ride it like a bike.  Plus taller clients gain more leg room. All of these mid-size scooters provide the same great features with the option of 3-wheel maneuverability (778S model), four-wheel stability (888SLN model) or a combination of both with the 778EL model.

$3,695.00 MSRP

  • Shoprider 3-wheel scooter

  • Front and rear suspension

  • 36AH batteries with 4A off-board charger

  • Full light package

  • Delta tiller with 2-speed (hi-lo)

  • Available colours: red, silver or monarch blue


  • Weight Capacity 300 LBS

  • Tire size: Front 10 inches/Rear 11.5 inches

  • Driving Distance: 32km/20M

  • Colours: Red, Silver or Monarch Blue

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