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AADL wheelchair from Power Plus is approved for funding in Alberta.  The Voyager Plus is a bariatric wheelchair with weight capacities from 250 lbs to 600 lbs.  Seat widths range from 14″-28″ and you can still fold the wheelchair with double cross braces.  Vertical Seat to Floor Heights range from 12 1/2″ to 19″ all on one frame, while the wheel axles can be set horizontally.

AADL Approved Wheelchair W153

The Voyager Plus has a strong steel frame and load bearing foot rests that remove and swing in/out easily.  And if your client is long legged, you can get up to a 22″ seat depth with an extra tall back.  Tension adjustable back upholstery is funded and seating clinics can install personal back rests on the angle adjustable back canes, while the flip-back/removable arms allow for safe transfers.  If your client lives in Alberta, ask your dealer how to establish funding from AADL. AADL Code W153.

Private Funding and Alberta Health Services can enquire about our infection control solutions and other options, such as lightweight aluminum frame for weight capacities less than 250lbs.  To learn more, visit:


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Note: Voyager Plus is available in Black Frame only for AADL


The Horizon series is now AADL approved in Alberta.  This means that their is some individual funding for these stainless steel commodes.

The Horzion AHS18 and Horizon AHS26 are funded for facilities in Alberta.  Ask us if we can build a prototype to test the needs of your facility. Here are some important documents to access funding:

Horizon-brochure power plus so you can read specs & order them.

Horizon-Tilt brochure power plus so you can read specs & order them.

Horizon & Horizon T-Funding from Alberta Aids to Daily Living: AADL will fund toward some commodes for Albertans.

Specify your client’s soft seat here:

You can reach us at info@lifemed.ca

AADL now funds for our STP & Extreme Tilt chairs, as of Oct. 1 2018.  This means we can find funding for individual clients or for Alberta Health Services facilities.

Here are the important videos & documents you need:

Learn more about STP from Power Plus here:

Power Plus Training Videos

See the STP & Extreme video here:

STP & Extreme Video

Download the AADL approved order form here:

STP AADL order form 2019

View the Extreme Brochure here:

STP Brochure

Warranty information & more in the Extreme Owner’s Manual here:

STP Owners Manual

power plus factory wheelchair production

Power Plus Manufactures in Ontario and can meet the needs of Canadian Health Authorities, which often request specific procurement requirements, such as infection control.  Here is an example of a tender that was secured in Ontario. (e-mail us to see if we can build what you need in your region at info@lifemed.ca):