About LIFEmed & Mike Dangerfield

``Someone once taught me to treat my customers like relatives. They said, 'Think of them as my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, or Sister. What if it was my Mom or Dad? What would I do for them? How would I want them to be treated by the Company?' So, that's exactly what LIFEmed's culture is based on, and that will never change.`` - Mike Dangerfield: Founder of LIFEmed Canada.

Mike Dangerfield brings over twenty years of sales & marketing experience to his clients including over a decade of product knowledge that ranges from Accessibility, Manual & Power Mobility, Wound Care, Seating, Pediatrics, Bariatrics and Geriatrics, in home care & institutional sales. This is how he lives his LIFE:

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Our Slogan:

``Quality of LIFE is Everything``. It means: Live life to the fullest. Sieze the day. Carpe Diem...& when that gets difficult to do, (believe us it will), sooner or later you will have to reach out for help. LIFEmed & our partners understand that. We all slow down at some point, but we can still love life every day.

Our Motto:

Whenever we find ourselves making an important business decision, we do what is best for the end user, and the rest takes care of itself!

Our Values:

Ethics related to the best possible Quality of Life for our end users is what motivates LIFEmed. Our Manufacturers & our Dealers are our Partners. Our Quality Products & Service separate us from our competition. Loyalty & Trust keep our Partnerships Strong.

Our Culture:

Our partners have been with us for over a decade, so our buisiness is built on relationships & trust. From the manufacturing plant to the person who delivers our products, we support them every step of the way. This means that the clients who use our products get the best service imaginable. Whether it's customising that product before hand or servicing it after wards, LIFEmed supports our partners to ensure that the end user has the best experience possible. Ultimately, we treat our clients like family, & that results in the Best Quality Of LIFE.

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