New Rollz Motion 2-in 1 Rollator Walker is Innovative and Practical

We love this new addition!

Going out and about. Living life to the full with the 2-in-1 rollator/Transport Chair.

Rollz brings you further. Always exactly what your need, when you need it. A modern rollator that converts into a comfortable transport chair at the flick of a wrist, and back again, of course. Be it for an outdoor activity, a long holiday, a treasured exposition or a shopping afternoon, this 2-in-1 rollator inspires  you to keep on going without effort. The Rollz Motion folds into a compact package and fits into any car.

Safe, comfortable and uncommonly convenient

  • Safe: Innovative drum brakes for safe and balanced braking

  • Stable: Walking tall, steadily and supported between the ergonomic handgrips that are adjustable in height.

  • Comfortable: Comfortable ride and natural

  • Compact: The Rollz Motion is easily foldable into a compact package

  • Manoeuvrable: Light steering and easy motion with the manoeuvrable front wheels.

  • Convenient: Resting on a comfortable cushioned seat.

  • Ease: Cross doorsteps and curbs easily with the curb assistance

LIFEmed Signs new deal with Triumph Mobility

  LIFEmed Canada is pleased to announce the we’ve added Triumph Escape Walkers, Rollz Motion Hybrid Rollator/Transport Chair and Panthera Rigid Frame Wheelchairs. Triumph Mobility Inc. distributes world-class products for the North American market. At Triumph we take great pride in offering our customers the most innovative products with great service, support and value. We

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