Aliyah VPL-Evator is in Production

LIFEmed & Serenity Healthcare Products are seeking partners to install Aliyah indoor vertical lifts.   If you have the resources, we have the solutions.  Aliyah can replace the curved stair lift.  Why spend money on a curved stair that restricts the rest of the family from using the stair case?  Why transfer from your mobility

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Blake Medical Fully Electric Patriot Bed Frame from LIFEmed Canada

This bed is soooooo easy to install, even for me!  Seriously, it is a true 1 person install.  I love how it doesnt look institutional like other beds.  Great Hi-Low Dewart Motor with Head and Leg Elevation from Okin Motors.  Made in the USA, Serviced in Canada by Blake.  TOUGH 2 BEAT!  Ask about bundling Blake mattresses with the Patriot because the price comes down when you do.  Plus you can ask LIFEmed for a trial of the bed & mattress.  e-mail us at to find out more.  Here is the video on how to install the Blake Medial Patriot Bed Frame: