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AADL Wheelchair: Voyager Plus Wheelchair from Power Plus

AADL Wheelchair: Voyager Plus Wheelchair from Power Plus

AADL funding is approved for this A category wheelchair.  The Voyager Plus is funded in Alberta for sizes 14″-22″ wide and 18″-22″ deep.  If you need a bariatric wheelchair with a strong steel frame and load bearing foot rests that remove & swing in/out easily, AADL will fund this chair with a heavy duty option up to 350 lbs capacity.    The horizontal axle offers our clients an anterior active position to make it easier to hand propel.  We can also move the axel backwards to make the chair even more stable.  Albertans can ask their dealer if they qualify for AADL funding.  AADL Code: W153

Click on this PDF to see the AADL approved order form: VOYAGER-PLUS-AADL-SPEC-SHEET-2015-FINAL


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Voyager Plus is a light weight air craft aluminum wheelchair with options for a steel frame to achieve weight capacities from 250 lbs to 800 lbs .  Seat widths range from 14″-28″ and you can still fold the wheelchair .  Seat to Floor Heights range from 12 1/2″ to 19″ all on one frame.  And if you are long legged, you can get up to a 22″ seat depth with an extra tall back.  The horizontal axel is unique and makes it easier to hand propel, so you can stay independent longer, without getting tired.

If you live in Alberta, ask your dealer how to establish funding from AADL.  If you live in Ontario, there is similar funding from ADP.  Visit Power Plus to learn more:

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