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Rip n Go Products

Rip n Go Products

Rip n Go reduces sheer & friction, so it adds comfort, while eliminating incontinence concerns in bed.


Rip n Go® Superior Care: Easy to use bedding system with detachable over-pad protection 

This bedding set is designed to help people who have difficulties using regular bed sheets and need incontinence protection. The problem with regular fitted sheets is the difficulty of lifting the mattress and putting the fitted sheets on. We introduced a patented “Corner-Lock Design” whereby an innovative strap on the underside of the mattress at the shoulders of the fitted sheet holds the corners tightly and securely in place. The fitted sheet stays on the mattress and only a detachable bottom sheet with “Easy Grab Corners” is quickly changed when needed. For extra incontinence protection, this set contains a detachable over-pad for easy cleaning and replacement. High quality material and a clean and crisp design are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Washable and reusable pads save you money and are eco-friendly!


  • No more lifting the mattress to secure the fitted sheet!

  • “Corner-Lock System” secures the shoulders of the fitted sheet with a strap on the underside of the mattress.

  • Change your bedding effortlessly using Velcro-like attached bottom sheets with “Easy-Grab Corners”.

  • Over-pads held securely in place: no shifting, no bunching, no movement when you move.

  • Absorbent, waterproof over-pads provide complete incontinence protection.

  • Provides an all-in-one fresh, clean, waterproof and comfortable surface to sleep on.

  • Rip n Go over-pads use a Velcro-like fastener that is easy to remove.

  • Lasts for 500+ washes! Washer and dryer friendly.

  • Manufacturer limited warranty.

  • Comes with 1 fitted sheet with “Corner-Lock System”, 1 detachable sheet with “Easy-Grab Corners”, 2 detachable, absorbent, waterproof over-pads, 1 matching top sheet and 2 matching pillowcases.


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