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Cajun Mobility Personal All Terrain 4×4 Vehicle

Cajun Mobility Personal All Terrain 4×4 Vehicle


When you think of Louisiana, from Bourbon Street to the Bayou, you immediately think of people with a zest for getting the most out of life.  We already know LIFEmed Canada is all about Seizing the Day & Loving LIFE, so we are a match made in heaven.

By combining this “Mini Monster Truck” with D&D Systems you can now kick back at the beach and cut fresh tracks in the snow.  You don’t have to be a full-time wheelchair driver to enjoy this personal all-terrain-vehicle (ATV).  We think of our friends & family members, who might have a “hitch in their giddy-up”, & we ask, “Could this give you the freedom to do what you used to love doing, when you had more strength & energy?”.  If the answer is “yes”, then you are welcome to enquire any time at info@lifemed.ca

Cajun Mobility has combined the latest technology available to create the premier version of the personal all-terrain vehicle.

Cajun is FDA cleared.  This means the Cajun Commando 4×4 has met or exceeded all FDA standards, assuring quality & performance.

This 4×4 ATV will allow you access to places you’ve only dreamed about going.  Let’s get out there! Ask about our indoor tire option & watch the videos below….

It’s about freedom & feeling independent.  Go where you want to go.  Be with who you want to be with.  No need to watch from the parking lot.  Join your family & friends at the beach, campsite, fishing hole & hunting stand.  Love your LIFE! Watch these videos:



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