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Our systems are available for Eclipse Medical’s Shoprider products including the P424M and P424L Navigator power chairs. We use the standard power bases, with few, if any modifications; therefore the standard specifications available on these units are not affected.

We can either utilize the original seat offered by the wheelchair manufacturer or our new “Platinum” rehab seat which offers the client much more adjustability and adaptability to their future needs. Because our “Platinum” rehab seat is compatible with most seating and positioning components in the market your posibilities are unlimited.

Rehab Seat  from Eclipse Medical for Shoprider Power Chairs

Our Gravity Control Tilt System (GCS) offers a unique feature that shifts the weight of the seat forward as it is tilting. The seat remains properly positioned and maintains the stability of the chair. By shifting the seat forward the weight distribution between the front and rear wheels is maintained, this optimizes the performance of the wheelchair.

D&D Platimum power tilt and recline crop

Our reclining back systems are available on most chairs. Power recline is commonly used with our Shear Reduction System (SRS). Shear Reduction System helps eliminate shearing between the chair back & the user.


D&D Platimum Power Recline

Our elevating seat systems allow the user to elevate the seat up to 8″ for easier access to counter tops, desks, cabinets, etc.



D&D power elevation crop

The above systems feature a low amperage controller to control tilt functions. This control features a variable speed knob and auxiliary operating switch. We also offer a wide range of switching options to meet clients requirements that range from basic toggle switches to ECU operation, and more.

For a basic tilt system D & D Systems offers a QPX Series Tilt system that features a modular design, easy installation, 45° tilt range, Gravity Control System (G.C.S.), drive lockout, and a single heavy duty toggle switch.